My Story

My name is Jenn Carlson, I am an elementary school teacher in Minnesota with a love of writing and technology. I am constantly trying to find ways for my fifth-grade students to merge the two in a way that increases their engagement. One way I have found in the past few years is to provide them with a way to publish their work. I have used a variety of tools but have never been completely in love with the options. So, I decided to develop one of my own.

In researching my ideas, I realized that all K-12 writing tasks combined would make a really exciting magazine. We teach editorial, personal narrative, informational text, persuasion, poetry, and memoir. These are exactly what you find in a typical magazine.  Sprinkle in a photo and an illustration here and there and who wouldn’t want to read it?

Do your students have creations you would like to publish? You can upload them one at a time through the “Submit Your Creations” link. If you have a bunch and want a shortcut – just email me!