The Sea of Monsters – Book Review

By Aiden, 11, Bloomington, MN

Are you thirsty for action? Are you interested in Greek gods? Did you love Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief? Well so did I. The Sea of Monsters is a Action Pact Story with twists and turns. It is the second book in a series.

Percy and his Friends Grover, and Annabeth are shocked when they get to camp and Chiron is not there. Then their rival from the Ares cabin, Clarisse goes on a  mission and they sneak out. The genre of the book Fantasy. Percy also has a friend, Tyson. Tyson is a cyclops with a secret! Percy gets messages from his friend Grover in his dreams. Camp half-blood’s shield is going down. Percy and his friends try to save him and get the golden fleece, will they make it?

What I liked about the book was all the action, the drama, the detailed actions, the fights. I liked all of this book and I did not dislike anything! Other books by Rick Riordan are The Lost Hero, The Red Pyramid, and The 39 Clues series.

I highly recommend this book and check it out if you like this review. Remember, this is the second book in series, it is awesome it has lots of action, twists, and more! But f you have not read the Lightning Thief, start there.

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